My new Bitcoin secret could make you 55 times your money

Tama Churchouse's Crypto Capital


In Crypto Capital, Tama Churchouse uses his unique strategy to find the best opportunities in the cryptocurrency space. These cryptos could double your money… and potentially make you as much as 100x your money.

Each month, Tama sends readers the top crypto speculations he finds.

But that’s not all… through videos and guides, Tama walks readers through how to invest, store and move cryptocurrencies – step-by-step.

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This crypto knowledge has opened a door I never knew was there.  Along with everyone else I had heard of Bitcoin but never understood how to get involved.  I actually did searches on to try to figure out how to get into it.  I thought traditional brokerage firms were the place to invest in crypto.  I dove into the training videos from the beginning watching each 3 or 4 times.  I worked my way through the different exchanges and wallets but was in all the recommended cryptos within a week of joining Crypto Capital.

Long story short, I am in all Tama’s recommendations along with several other alt coins.  I am up 100% on my portfolio and very pleased with the experience.


Cameron Brown

I signed up for Crypto Capital primarily because of the confidence I have in you personally.  Your background and experience in a variety of asset classes appear to have given you an open minded perspective toward unconventional asset classes and conditioned you to approach them with intelligent curiosity rather than rejecting them out of hand.  Thank you for takin on this significant responsibility. I recognize it is not trivial. I wish you every success, and not just because my success might be tied to yours. Cordially,

John Adkisson

I’m enjoying your Crypto Capital very much. I have your subscription as well as another one. I started my crypto investing in Oct 2016.

I did not buy everything on the day of your recommendations. My biggest gainer from your pick is EOS, up 1222% as of today. Dash is up 84%, BCH is up 41% & 79% (two buys). I bought CVC on three different occasions. The ROI were 8%, 31%, and 50%. My overall portfolio from your picks are up 179%.

Some of your other picks were the same as my other subscription, so I had them in my portfolio already. It’s nice to have another confirmation for the same pick such as XMR, NEO, ZEN &SP.

Keep up the excellent work!


Anyway, I find my speculative urges get the best of me, so I do best when I have a guide such as yourself and I stick to the plan. I am also a Stansberry Alliance member.  I put about 2% of household assets into crypto in late October through mid November. To keep a commitment to my wife, I sold a little under half about the time things first hit $18K in Bitcoin, which represents approximately doubling in about six weeks.  So now I have a happy life with a happy wife, riding house money in the crypto market (and having permission to use some of the proceeds for your new recommendations).

No complaints. I appreciate your security warnings, the chaos warnings, the asset allocation guidance. It has all worked pretty well. I am not surprised at the fragility of the networks, and I wonder how it will go when institutional money is really flooding in. It was a bit frustrating to wait about 5 days to pull out a portion of EOS so that I could reallocate and pull original capital out, but I know that sleeping well (and peace at home) is more important than sweating well!

Keep up the good work. It is a great ride so far!

Steve Patton

Thank you for the opportunity to give you my experience with Stansberry Churchouse Crypto Capital. I am a Stansberry Alliance member and have been for a number of years. Porter always emphasizes ‘there is no teaching, only learning’. The one thing I have done since subscribing to Crypto Capital is learn…learn about bitcoin technology, crypto assets (currencies, protocols and enterprises), and, importantly, securing crypto assets.

I have been interested in bitcoin for some time but I didn’t know where to start. The webinar Stansberry put on with Tama Churchouse was professional, informative, and projected a trusting and knowledgeable image of Tama Churchouse. Tama’s strategy on what he looks for in a crypto asset to recommend was most important in my decision to become a subscriber. The Launch Report and the videos on the exchanges to buy/sell/exchange crypto assets and the wallets to securely store these assets were/are fantastic. I am taken nearly all of Tama’s advice, beginning starting small and buying many of the recommended crypto assets.  I must say it was very nerve-wracking buying bitcoin (on the Gemini exchange) for the first time and storing it in my Exodus wallet. I even made a crypto exchange within the exodus wallet. Again, a rather nerve-wracking experience, but all were successful.

I currently own 7 crypto assets. My small starting amounts, as stressed by Tama, have grown more than 2-fold. However, right now, it’s not about how much I have made with his recommendations, but more about learning about the crypto world and understanding the impact block chain technology will have in the future.

I find myself re-reading the Launch Report ( and the other reports) many times over and continually increase my understanding how the crypto assets fit into block chain technology. I will never be an expert but I have far more knowledge about bitcoin and block chain technology. I have recommended Crypto Capital to my investment advisor and others who are beginning their research of bitcoin. One thing I have stressed is securing their crypto assets. There are far too many horror stories of people losing their bitcoin through their own negligence or lack of knowledge on how to secure their bitcoin.

Thanks for putting this publication together. I look forward to continued learning and successful investing in crypto assets.